Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A new challenge.
...so here it goes! A new challenge for November called 30 days of Gratitude. Since I enjoyed the October photo challenge so much I was super excited to see this November one start (if you would like to join in you can on FLICKR). I cannot wait to see what everyone else is so very thankful for. I do, however, think this is going to be quite a bit more challenging for me though in that it will require a little bit more of thinking on my part than just the ordinary "drive by shooting" type shot.

So, I am starting with this one. As soon as I came around the corner to his room this morning this is what I saw...

And, as much I as I grumble and complain about the massive amounts of laundry that accumulates around here...I am also so very thankful for ALL of them being around here to fill those baskets up!! Wish me luck. I am so looking forward to this challenge. I may not be able to post everyday...but I sure will try!! Happy November 1st.

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