Sunday, November 6, 2011

6/30 ~days of gratitude.
I have been working a day ahead for 30 days of gratitude. Only because I never know how much time during the day I will get.

So for day 6, (it is actually day 5)....but Iove hanging out on a lazy Saturday morning. Nothing better than just easing your way out of bed and observing everyone enjoy a relaxing morning. I awoke to Mr. Chip sitting in the sunny bedroom window watching the squirrels and the birds. No rushing around, not busting out the front door, no packing lunches and stuffing bookbags full of papers, no fighting for a parking spot at work, not punching of the time clock.

So on day 6, (but really day 5) I am grateful for Saturday mornings. I LIVE for Saturday's.

PS. That is not really snow out the window. It's just my dirty windows!! Tee Hee. Someday I will wash them...someday!

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