Saturday, November 5, 2011

5/30~days of gratitude.
I knew when I started this project, I would most definitely have to include this. And, I am certain to most people, this is no big deal ...but to me its the greatest.

For many years, after buying our home, we never had much outdoor lighting. We drove up to a dark house. So after driving up in darkness for 10 years, my husband built our garage and picked out the best lights ever for the front of it.

It makes me super happy to drive up our driveway on a daily basis and see the warm glow welcoming us home.

So what may seem like nothing to others, these lights our one of the best features about our home. Just because it makes my house "our" home so welcoming.

So, on day 5, I am so ever grateful everytime I pull up the driveway with the lights shinning and waving us home.

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