Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mommy goggles.
So, just let me brag for a few minutes. That's right, I am wearing my mommy goggles for just a few anyway! I have taken so many football picutres this season and have not posted too many just due to the lack of time.

Ever since the second week in August, we have been driving back and forth to football practice at least two, sometimes three times a week. He's practiced hard. He's grown and improved so much this year. I must admit, I am a proud mama. Not to mention that I hide my face and look away when I know those bigger boys are coming after my boy. Even though he has not had much playing time this year (because he moved up with the older boys) and stands on the sidelines a lot more than last year, he holds his own. He dishes it right back. He makes a stand and lets them know he's there. So yeah, I am proud of him (told ya I was wearing my mommy goggles).

That's him below...labeled by the red arrow! Tee hee. #58!!

After all the hard practice and late nights...his team made it to the playoffs! It was such an accomplishment I think for everyone involved. They deserved it. They practiced hard. They worked hard. They played their hearts out till the very end. We battled and sweated through the hot sun, the harsh winds and the below freezing temps and unexpected early snow fall.

Sadly, they lost the championship yesterday. But, hey, second place is first place from the first place winner right? The day also turned out to be very eventful that involved fists fights from adults and having the police intervene. But, I am saving that for a later post (because it is just to comical not too!). I just wanted to let him know how very proud I am of him.

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