Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Tea Party.
I know I am really far behind on blogging - but we have been so crazy busy these past few weeks. Including a tea party at Lizzie's school. She wanted to wear a dress and curl her hair for the occasion and I wanted to document this special day. She looked so darn cute not to share. And, I had such a lovely time ~ even though there was no "tea" at the party, which she mentioned numeours times throughout the event! It was still a most memorable day.
And, I am loving all these beauties (even though they are weeds) I think they are just the best!

Have a wonderful weekend! Be back later to share some more favorite shots over the past few weeks!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hu....what did you say?
He's such a goofball! But in a good kind of way!

How can you not resist that puppy face? Do they go to puppy school for that too???

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky #7.
This little girl of mine....well not so little anymore {boo hoo} turned SEVEN over the weekend. Where does the time go??? I can't believe how big she is and to top it off she wanted lipstick for her birthday and, of course, I caved.

Happy, happy 7th birthday sweet girl!!!
Did you say "Puppy School"?

When we first got Sid about 5 weeks ago, I signed him up for dog obedience class. We are to start them next week. But this little guy is one of the smartest dogs I know. He is so easily trainable. In less than 5 weeks he has learned so much and I am left wonderng if I should of signed him at all. Now if they just make puppy schools for CHEWING??? Anyone?