Monday, November 14, 2011

A Snowtober Wedding ~ Denise & Matt ~ Lebanon, Pa
As I'm sure many of you are aware, the East Coast had a bit of unexpected weather. Snow!! And we're not talking some snow flurries, I mean big, fat, cotton ball sized snowflakes. I think we were all in denial as the weather predicted heavy snowstorms for that Saturday. Really? The day before was so calm and sunny....and beautiful. How is it possible that Denise's cell phone kept ringing off the hook of out of town guests calling to cancel? Surely the weatherman has to be wrong on this one? Right?? Nope!!! There were right. The white stuff arrived right on time.

I am so glad that I was able to arrive a day early before all the snow. I had such a great opportunity to meet Denise's parents and enjoy such great hospitality and home cooking by Denise's mom. And, was able to get some great detail shots of Denise's dress, flowers and shoes before all the snow.

By the way, all the flowers were done by Denise's mom. How awesome is that? Hand touched with Denise's theme - owls.

But, I think creativity runs in the family. Check out the fingerprint tree hand drawn by Denise's sister for all the guests to print and sign. Way too cool!

Denise always wanted a winter wedding, but decided to plan her wedding for October for fear that guests would not be able to make it...(always remember....never forget what you wish for). Denise did get her winter wedding...only it would be in October. But, it could not have been more perfect. The snow may have put a cramp in a lot of the wedding plans and outdoor pics...and, we may have not been able to get to the specific place that Denise wanted outdoor pictures, but not from lack of trying (good driving Matt) . It just so happened the roads were closed!! But, what we did get stopped alongside the road could not have been more perfect!!

In the end, I think this freak snow storm was just meant to be!!!

Denise and Matt thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be apart of your special, snowy day!!! It was such a great time and not one I will soon forget.

To view more of Denise and Matt's snowtober wedding, click the link below. And, leave Denise and Matt some love in the comment section and you may end up being the lucky winner of a $10.00 gift card!!!! Just because I am feeling so generous!!!! (I'm thinking all that snow may have gotten me into the holiday spirit!!!)



  2. The pictures are awesome and the snow I think was just was just meant for you Denise on your wedding day...

  3. The fall colors glazed with snow created such a beautiful contrast of the changing of the seasons! Stuuning photos! Once again you have given a deserving couple the gift no one else could have..a moment in time. Forever captured on film, these moments will be treasured by Denise and Matt and their family as the years go by. Amy V.