Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 and Toby's Sneak Peek.
Whew!! So, I made it to the last day of my October Photo Challenge. A photo a day for all 31 days! I am so very proud of the fall images I was able to capture that I may have otherwised walked or driven right on by. Now, I am looking forward to gathering it all and putting it into a photobook.

"The stripped and shapely Maple grieves. The ghosts of her departed leaves. The ground is hard, as hard as stone. The year is old, the birds are flown." ~ John Updike.

And, let me introduce you to Toby. Just look at that great doggie smile! He is three years old and he is just the sweetest. Reminds me of my own lab Sid. Only Toby is chocolate in color. Toby was so fun to chase around the park on this very last day of October.

Hello November.

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