Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall & Sid. (and I literally mean fall)
See my lovely fall picture below?? It is lovely isn't it? That is what I thought as I was bending way down low to capture fall's splendor....before I knew what hit me I was knocked off my feet and flying, elbows and knees hitting pavement and trying to save my camera from smashing off the ground.

See the picture below....this is what knocked the life out of me and laid me flat on my face. This is what I seen when I finally realized what had happened and looked up to see him running full speed, all 71 pounds of his happy self, up and down the driveway.

And, this is what he looked like after his little burst of engery that lasted about 10 minues worth. He finally tired himself out. Need water Sid?? Can your tongue get any longer??

I love him. He really is a good dog. Really?? (Did I really just type "good dog") Yes, really. If you minus the chewing of everything that is not bolted down, the god awful smells he expels from his pretty self, the slobbering of water everywhere, the massive amounts of dog hair he leaves all over my floor and furniture, loud snoring, knocking me flat on my a$$, never listening to any command I say to him, etc. Then yes, he really is a good dog.

And, that is him on this lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying the comforts of a new bed.

Because a "good" dog deserves a new comfy bed to lay on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheering for the linebacker.
She's my little cheerleader. He's my linebacker. I watch her cheer and him run and tackle. On a side note, we showed up almost 30 minutes late because my linebacker seems to have trouble remembering what time the coach exactly told him to be there.

He's right there...the one wearing the #12 jersey getting directions from his coach. I hope he listens this time (you know because did I mention we showed up 30 minutes late??)

She's working it out. Love the cheer she was doing. It's one of my favorites..."C'mon Vikings put your hands up, hands up!!" C'mon Vikings let's go"

I love this little girl.

And, I love the linebacker too! Even though he has no concept of time.

Sometimes when I look at him, all I can see is my baby. Not this rough and tough little boy out on a big field playing football. But, I am so very proud of my cheerleader and my linebacker.

And, keep checking back soon, because I can't wait to blog about Jessica & Bob's wedding!! Such a beautiful couple. Such a beautiful day!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paging Dr. Lizzie ~ STAT.
Last Friday, it was girls night out. Rick and Coy had gone away for the weekend to the Nascar race and so it was just us gals. We treated ourselves to dinner at King's. Upon entering King's restaurant for dinner a nice old gentleman handed Lizzie this green monkey that he won out of the game machine. Lizzie was so excited and instantly named him "Bellie Buttons" immediately falling in love with him.

Later that night, while Lizzie fell asleep on the chair, Sid decided he was going to check out Mr. Bellie Buttons and oblivous to exactly what Sid was actually doing was chewing Mr. Bellie Buttons arm right off. I grabbed Mr. Bellie Buttons and his detached extremity and hid him on the kitchen table.

When I came home Tuesday night from myself being out of town, Lizzie questioned me to as whether I knew that Sid chewed Mr. Bellie Buttons arm completely off. I explained that I knew that he had indeed chewed his arm off and that I was going to sew him back together. She continued to inform me that "it was okay" because he had surgery. "Really?" I asked. "What kind of surgery"? She answered me "You know surgery". "Look"and she presents Mr. Bellie Buttons who was kind of put back together by Dr. Lizzie herself with not anything better than a roll of Scotch tape. I laughed outloud at how clever and funny it actually was. I mean look at poor Mr. Bellie Buttons. His arm reattached by wads of Scotch tape.

But then again, do you think Sid does these kind of things because Dr. Lizzie does this to him? Hmmm.....I just wonder.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What love looks like.
Sometimes there are no words to express what you feel as a photographer when you are surrounded by moments of such love and such beauty… simple. beautiful. love.

Finally, my internet issues have been resolved (for now) and I know her mama has been patiently waiting for the video clip.

Meet Baby Adelyn - she is as pretty as her name. And, I am having some technical difficulty embedding the video into this page, so here is the link:

And, baby Landyn.
1 cup of mama’s love
1 pinch of daddy’s look
1 generous serving of baby fuzz
1 room overflowing with happiness

Here's your video link below:

Thank you so much for being so patient while I resolved my internet problems and for allowing me to capture your sweet newbies. I am so very blessed!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Internet issues.
I have the worst internet service ever. It is always down at my house (according to tech support "bad lines").

So just a quick post, since it is running very, very slow and I am keeping my toes crossed as a I type this now that it will be up and running properly again over the next few days. And, because a post just isn't good without a is just one.

This is exactly how I feel towards those darn "bad lines". Their words not mine.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My "little" linebacker.
Yep, that's him ~ #12 right in the middle. Not the biggest kid, not the smallest. Right in the middle. I am so proud of him. Proud of him for getting out there on these 90 degree days and practicing hard. And, he loves the position the coaches have been putting him.

And, he's proud that he got the same number as he had the year before. Go #12! GO!!!