Friday, October 14, 2011

Consider this his mug shot. He may look all cute and cuddly....

...but in reality....he has the nickname the "the beast" for a reason. And, now I have decided to keep the evidence for the next time someone says "not Sid". He would never do such a thing.
So, I am presenting to you, the jury...

EXHIBIT A: A chewed electrical cord.

Since this past Sunday, Sid has chewed approximately 4 pencils, 2 socks, 1 electrical cord, a pair of my jeans, a kitchen dish towel, and numerous rolls of toliet paper. He has also stolen 1 turkey sandwich right off the kitchen counter and 1 plate of french fries left behind on the kitchen table by my other two "beasts" that live in this house.

So, I ask you, the jury of the court....GUILTY as CHARGED!!

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