Monday, March 26, 2012

Two thumbs up.
Okay, so I use to think that the perfect job would be a movie/food critic. I mean who would not want to watch movies and eat all the time?? Until it was something you did not want to eat or watch. But, anyhow...I am just going to got out on a limb here and pretend that this is my one time that I can be some kind of movie critic and give you my review.

First, let me start at the beginning. This is my "crazy" twin sister. She's really not a Justin Beiber fan! And, this picture really has nothing to do with the movie Hunger Games. It's just my excuse too share it on my blog for the whole world to see!! (Sorry, Ange) That is the downside of modern day technology you know...always having your Iphone with you to take embarassing pictures like this one.

Besides, who could pass up the opportunity of posing with a piece of cardboard taller than us in the middle of Boscov's on a Saturday afternoon at one of the busiest times of day and making complete fool's out of ourselves? Even more so, when the lady behind the perfume counter started walking our!? We giggled and ran!! And, my daughter thought we were totally embarassing!

Anyway, back to my my sister recommened that I read the book "Hunger Games". I looked at her and asked her what it was about, she gave me her description I scrunched my nose and said "Eh, no thanks. Definitely does not sound like my type of book." In which she replied, "Well, it is typically not my type of reading either, but it is really good and you should just give it a chance."

Okay, fast forward here to about a year later. I stopped at her house one day as I always do unannounced and she exclaims, "Hey, the movie Hunger Games is coming out...I can't wait to see it. Did you read it yet?"

Then a few girls at work started reading and talking about it and said how good it was and that they simply could not put it down. (Hey, I have heard that somewhere from my fan-crazed Justin Beiber sista) guess what I did? I bought the book on my Nook. (I just had to say that too, bought the book on my Nook, cuz it rhymes, ya know!!) And, have been hooked ever since. I have read ALL three of them. And, it took me about two weeks time. Easy reading, so well written, brilliant storyline...yadda ya. I know that is not a good explanation of the book...but give it a chance. Get past the first two chapters and I am telling're HOOKED.
So, here's my recommendations...

1. READ the BOOK(s). Because the books are always better than the movies. (And, I know you will end up reading all three of them). You just have to read the first one for the movie though.

2. GO to the movies.

3. EAT the popcorn with EXTRA butter. (Because what's better than movie theater butter?)

4. WATCH Hunger Games. You will not be disappointed!!

( All pics taking with my Iphone)

See, I am a good movie/food critic. Just do what I say...READ the book EAT the popcorn and WATCH the movie. Just don't tell me if you did not like it!!! Ha!! No, seriously, I give it two thumbs up!

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