Monday, March 19, 2012

Tonight was the night...finally. She has never rode a bike without training wheels, but, tonight when I pulled up the driveway...this was my view. And, that is Coy pouting because she is on his bike since he removed the training wheels from her bike last summer and ruined the wheels. So, now it is the price he has to pay.

So proud and full of herself riding right by him.

And, with such determination, I might add. I mean just look at that tongue action.

And, there she goes...right past her brother making smart comments and being true to her "sisterly" duties...just being a brat...

Then...this happened...keeping true to his "brotherly" duties.

Looks like I am headed to Wal Mart to buy her a bike, oh yeah, and some ice packs!! Oh dear, please pray for me!! AFLAC here we come!

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