Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I just knew.
I just knew. I knew from the very minute I pressed the shutter that this was the one. The one that I had finally captured the true her. The one that spoke to me the most. The one where it made my heart swell. The one I knew I would cherish forever. The one the I knew was just perfect too me. The one where I could not wait till I could go home and order the biggest print ever to fit on my wall. I just knew. This was the one.

It may not be technically correct. It might not be anybody's favorite. But, out of millions of pictures that I have taken....I just knew. I can honestly say this is the one. The one that brings a tear to my eye everytime I look at it. It's my most favorite EVER!! And, it's even more spectacular framed and on my wall.

I just knew.

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