Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breaking the rules.
Awhile back, I attended a photography workshop that stressed ALL the rules of photography. You know the ones, always use the rule of thirds, (if your a photographer, you will know this is the big one) always do this, always do that. But, in my book, rules are meant to be broken. I mean its okay to learn them, but it is also okay to break them. And, I like breaking them! Even when I was little, I had a hard time someone telling me I had to put a stamp on the right upper corner of the envelope. Why? What does it matter really where the stamp goes if it is still on the envelope? I mean you still paid for the stamp no matter what. So, I broke the rule and placed the stamp where I wanted too. And, you know what? It was still delievered. So you see, rules are meant to be broken.

You ask where I am going with this right? Well, at this seminar, they also stressed never go and take pictures without getting permission. Hu? What? Why? But, there is also this little hidden secret/motto us photographers follow....shhh....go tell, and that is "just go do it and ask for forgiveness later". As I bat my eyes at the officer and say "I am so sorry officer, I had know idea I was not allowed to take pictures on this green grass", clearly posted with a sign that says "stay off grass" hee, hee.

So, when I met up with Morgan we both had the same ideas. We passed this really awesome location. Location? Well, more like a hunting camp with these awesome set of front stairs. And, Miss Morgan just happened to mention that she always loved those stairs. And, I, could not have agreed with her more! Those stairs caught my eye from the first minute we drove passed. So, we turned around and went for it!!! And, I am so glad we did!

I think you would agree too!

I snapped this one making sure not to waste time while "tresspassing", while Morgan's mom so bravely made her way to knock on the front door to ask for permission. (see we attempted to ask for permission). Luckily, for us, no one was home.

, we made our way up to the front porch were I think I pretty much "squeeled" like a pig when I saw this amazing green chair. Morgan I must say that you are simply stunning!!

Morgan's only real request was to have her picture taken with Sophie down on their family owned deer farm. How cool is it that? Very cool!

Even with how pretty the setting was, Morgan's natural beauty put it all to shame! She is such a gorgeous girl and was so sweet to work with.

It was so much fun spending a summer evening with her - enjoy a little sneek peek slideshow below.

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