Monday, June 15, 2009

School's out for the Summer!!
Shout it out with me!!! School is finally out for the summer. And I don't know why it is but I think I am more excited about it then they are. I must admit that I was in much need of a break from first grade homework - and I have been singing this song ever since.

Remember what fun it use to be to get up in the morning and do nothing but play hard all day long? Although, my kids have admitted that they are bored all ready!! How can that possibly be??

So, I round the bathing suits and towels up and throw them in the car to go swimming - because they have been asking ever since it got hot out if they could go and afterall that is what summer is about right? Swimming!!! But the minute we pull up to the pool it poured down rain.
I was so bummed for them!! So, I told them it was okay you can still get in the pool you are already going to be wet - and with that being said the thunder crashed and the lighting struck and then I had to say "okay, on that note nevermind". It eventually cleared up enough for them to get in but we could not stay as long as they wanted and it was not hot and sunny. So we will try again later this week. So no pool pictures of Coy doing cannon balls without floaties - better luck this week.


  1. Oh, my gosh! I thought Lizzie was Riley at first glance.

    I love the swing picture, too!