Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Captain who??
A few weeks ago, Coy begged me to take him to Barnes and Noble to buy some kind of hero book. I did not know what he meant by a "hero" book. But when we got there this is what he meant - Captain Underpants - so I bought him the set of books and he has had his nose in a book ever since. He cracks me up!! Especially when I hear him laughing out loud.

And, here's a few more that make me happy and laugh when I look at them.

I love just catching the two of them getting along and playing so well together - its one of those rare moments that only a mother could love.

Coy's artwork that made it in the art show at school.

Lizzie flying high on the swing set at camp.

The little drawings of people that she makes. I think this one was suppose to be me (with the red hair).

And, the two of them. Never a dull moment. Coy acting like such a brother. I just love them.

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