Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My husband, the mason (with the cute butt)
I have this ongoing joke between my husband and I and that is Rick hates having his picture taken (which is really hard when your wife always has a camera in her hand) so I have kind of agreed to never take his picture. Sort of. I have resorted to taking pictures of only his "best side" as I like to call it. And I make out in the deal and have the best of two worlds - he never knows his picture is being taken and I have all these pics of one cute butt!!
It just so happens that not only does he have one cute butt, he is one heck of a mason.

A few weeks ago, he just decided to build these stone steps down at camp where the kids have to go up and down a hill to get to the swing set and Lizzie so genoursly volunteered her gardnening services, as well. All I want to say is that I am so impressed and I am so proud of what he has become. I am simply amazed that you can just build something like this out of material just laying around our house.
Seriously, these steps make me happy. I don't know how or why a pair of steps could make you this happy, but I could sit at camp all day and just look at them.

So, if you are in need of a master mason, he is the one I would defintley call.

And then you could take tons of pictures of your friends and relatives on a pair of stone steps - just look at Lizzie and how excited she is to have her picture taken on stone steps.

Okay, enough mushiness about my husband. Off to the pool with the kiddies!!

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