Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a few from the weekend.
My one and only goal for this past weekend was to relax and not be in a hurry and rush to do much of anything. And, I must say that I pretty much had a relaxing weekend. The weather turned out to be just perfect and the kids had a blast.

Lizzie and I decided to take a walk when we first got there and we found some pretty flowers that were just starting to bud.

Plopped my newly polished lime green toes up on a chair and enjoyed the warmth by the fire while I watched the kids play in the fire - because they are the biggest firebugs around.

Collected pine cones.

She ate spaghettios.

He ate watermelon.

He drank about 6 cans of orange soda - when he thought I was not looking.

She drank tons of water so I thought - but later found out that she was filling it up with 7Up.

Played this fun little game all afternoon with all the other kids around camp.

Even did a little scrapbooking at the picnic table. Yah me!!

So, I can honestly say it was all that - a fun, relaxing weekend!

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