Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello there little green friend.
I was in my glory the other night with the weather being so perfect taking pictures of these lovely lilly pads up at the Schwab Estates in Lorretto. Just look at them - aren't they the most lovely lilly pads you ever did see?? Oh so pretty.

Then I just happened to look up again and wonder what is that thing that just popped up?

"Well, hello there little green friend. How are you on this lovely evening"?

I thought maybe by moving up closer to get his picture it would scare him away. Nope. He stayed for a long time - I think he really wanted to have his picture taken. I think he knew just how cool he really was. Just look at the shades of greens on him and those beatty little eyes - just amazing.

"Thank you" little green friend for staying awhile and posing for me. It was so nice to have met you.


  1. What a cute capture! He definitely was posing indeed! =)

  2. How adorable! I love frogs but have never captured them in an actual pond! Good on you for looking a little further *wink*