Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Queen of the Roll.
I have given myself a title, aka as "the official toliet paper roll changer" and "Queen of the Roll". Not one that I am necessarily proud of. Just one that I think that I have honestly earned because no matter where I go...whether it be my house, work, my mom's, my sister's...I have to change the toliet paper roll. Why? I don't really know. I mean how is it that I time it just right to be the one everytime, everywhere??? But, I will admitt it, I tend to express my bitter feelings about it. I stomp my feet and grumble everytime. So, tonight when I went upstairs, this is what I found...

I some how think that my message finally got across...well, sort of. And, I have not found out who exactly did this yet...but, when I do I am going to give them a big o'le kiss!!!!!!! And, a free lesson on how to actually remove the old roll before actually placing the new one.

The end.

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