Monday, January 30, 2012

Destination ~Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Way back in June, I went to a psyhic lady with a bunch girls from work. In one of her predictions, she predicted that I would have a trip in the near future that would consists of sand and water....yeah right!! I even rolled my eyes and chuckled when she mentioned it.

Never in a million years would I have thought that the prediction would come true...considering my husband hates the sand and the beach and the hot sun. So, I totally blew it off.

Then the opportunity arose in October...a trip to Florida for a whole week. Nothing but sun, sand, surf and lots of relaxtion. Oh yes please, sign me up!! Reservations were made, airline tickets were booked and...last week, for seven whole days, we enjoyed the time of our lives that included sand and water.

And, it was the most amazingly, beautiful and relaxing vacation we have had in five years. We could not have asked for any better weather!! High 70's the whole time and sun. Pure bliss!

I have so many wonderful memories that I cannot simply wait to to start to go through all of them!!!! But, now I am back to reality and must go brush the snow off my car and head off to work. More to share later!!!

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