Monday, January 30, 2012

Eight years ago.
When I just really started to get into photography, the picture below was one of my most favorite moments I ever captured of my two. I remember the day as if it was yesterday...I just turned around to walk back to the blanket when I happened to look up and see both of them sitting together staring out into the waters of Glendale Lake. I remember grabbing my camera and snapping the shutter...freezing time...capturing that moment forever! Everytime I look at this image it brings me back to that exact moment, the warm sun, the breeze blowing in our faces.

And, I remember after I got the roll of film developed, how I was so estatic being able to capture such a sweet moment shared between the two of them. And, ever since that day, I have had it hanging on my living room wall. It is one of my most favorite pictures that I never, ever will replace in the frame it hangs in.

Then, this past week, eight years later....the same moment happened again. I just turned my back to walk back to our beach towels and I looked up and I saw this...

Another special moment in time, frozen, captured forever!! And, I absolutely adore it!!!! That is why I love photography so much...not the posed, cheesey smiles...but the everyday moments of life is it what I love capturing the most. Special moments shared between them, frozen and imprinted on my heart forever.

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