Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picture perfect.
More than often, most blogs only represent "the best". I, myself, find that blogs can seem to be misleading by only showing you the best of the best. But, lately, I, have come to realize that most times, things are never exactly as they seem. And, therefore, are not quite always "picture perfect". Over this past summer, I am coming to realize that my life is not always picture perfect and I don't want to portray and mislead my blog readers that it is always "picture perfect". So, I have come to name my not so "picture perfect" images as "outtakes".

For example, the picture below is what I would consider "picture perfect". The one that really speaks to me. There is always that one moment where the person in front of your lens truly connects with you and you truly see the "real them". The one where I want to get blown up to 10x13 and framed ever so proudly on my wall. The one, where I knew it would be "picture perfect"in a black and white conversion with just that right amount of sunflare in the upper corner.

But, in reality, to get that above image, I had many "outtakes". The outtakes that nobody ever sees but me. The outtakes I would never consider "blogworthy". But, these "outtakes" mean more to me than the "picture perfect" ones ever will. Because, this is life. This is life happening right in front of my lens.

The "cheesy" smile outtake.

The "sticking out the tongue" outtake. Where she has just had it and is getting bored already.

, the "open mouth, talking" outtake. Because that is all she ever does. Her mouth never stops! She just talks, and talks and talks. And, that's ok. That is life. Our life. The not so "picture perfect" life.

So there you have it! A glimpse into my not so "picture perfect" life. But "perfect" to me.

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