Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mean & tough.
Finally, it was football picture night Tuesday after being cancelled twice due to inclement weather. (you know all the wonderful rain we have been having??) Which, turns the football field into any boy's dream playing conditions...MUD. And, what boy does not like to slop around and throw each other to the ground in all that mud?

Unfortantely, when you have a mother who's mad, passionate hobby happens to be photography, (which, mind you, happened all because of her sweet, firstborn being born and wanting to document every waking moment of his existence) just kind of grow acustom to having your mother carry her camera everywhere she goes. And, this night was no exception.

And, lucky for me, he has no problem with me taking his picture to document this time in his life.
He may look all mean in tough, but really what I will remember most about this night when I look back on these images how this tough looking guy all dressed up in his football pads and jersey came running across the football field when he saw me carrying my camera, and gave me the biggest hug in front of all his little football buddies, and told me how much he loved me. And, that moment made my heart swell. It made my heart swell so much, that I thought it might just burst right out of my chest. He may never truly know how much that hug in front of all his "mean & tough" little friends truly meant to me (who just moments before were smothering each other's faces to the ground) will forever remain in my heart. And, that is how "tough" my firstborn truly is. Tough enough to hug his mom with all his friends around. I just love him.

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