Monday, June 13, 2011

The blues.
I always knew the time would come when he would get to big and not want to get his picture taken. That is usually why most of the time he is MIA from my blog. He rarely lets me point the camera at him without making stupid goofy faces, rolling his eyes and sticking his tongue out at me. So when I asked him if I could have a few nice shots of him to update my wall (since, yes, I am a terrible parent and guilty of not buying overpriced, crappy school pictures) he actually agreed.

But don't let this sweet, handsome, cute, freckled, blue eyed almost 10 year old smile fool you in any way. Because in between these shots of him, he grumbled, moaned and complained every minute. It was really painful for him. It was even more painful, when I asked if I could have one with him and is sister together....and that my friends is where our little photo session ended abruptly and he walked the other way.

So, I am taking what I can get when I can get it. But, I am still crying the blues. My once little boy is now too big and he has even reached the point where if you tell him something and he gets mad he pouts the whole way to his bedroom, slams the door and blasts the music really loud (and sadly, that is what I used to do when I didn't get my own way) and now he's doing it. Sigh.....I knew the day would come, but I just didn't think it would be so soon.

So, I am crying the blues. But, he still came in to the room the last night and said "Mom"... "I
love you"! And, that made it all worth it. I love you too Coy boy!!!

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