Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season.
So when I stopped by Mom's in the morning, she was making these to hang on the doors. I scored one for my front door. Which is probably about the only x-mas decorating I plan on doing.

Okay, not the only decorating I did. Look ~ I put the tree up! It consists of a whole 24 inches of silver and white lights. I am actually afraid to put any decorations on it because it might just fall over. I am just not in the mood this year to dig the big tree down from the attic. I know you need at least some kind of tree for Santa to leave "big" packages under. So for now, this is going to have to do! And, I actually kind of like the simplicity of it all. Even though the kids have a different opinion about it - it is growing on them though.

And, this is what it looks like when you spend way too much time partying over your Thanksgiving break from school at Grandma's house. This is how I found him around 6:30 passed out cold on the couch with the new winter hat I bought him while out x-mas shopping (which I am officially done with all the shopping!! A record for me who is usually out out on Christmas Eve buying things I need.)

I also think he his getting sick and coming down with a cold...Tis the season.

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