Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paging Dr. Lizzie ~ STAT.
Last Friday, it was girls night out. Rick and Coy had gone away for the weekend to the Nascar race and so it was just us gals. We treated ourselves to dinner at King's. Upon entering King's restaurant for dinner a nice old gentleman handed Lizzie this green monkey that he won out of the game machine. Lizzie was so excited and instantly named him "Bellie Buttons" immediately falling in love with him.

Later that night, while Lizzie fell asleep on the chair, Sid decided he was going to check out Mr. Bellie Buttons and oblivous to exactly what Sid was actually doing was chewing Mr. Bellie Buttons arm right off. I grabbed Mr. Bellie Buttons and his detached extremity and hid him on the kitchen table.

When I came home Tuesday night from myself being out of town, Lizzie questioned me to as whether I knew that Sid chewed Mr. Bellie Buttons arm completely off. I explained that I knew that he had indeed chewed his arm off and that I was going to sew him back together. She continued to inform me that "it was okay" because he had surgery. "Really?" I asked. "What kind of surgery"? She answered me "You know surgery". "Look"and she presents Mr. Bellie Buttons who was kind of put back together by Dr. Lizzie herself with not anything better than a roll of Scotch tape. I laughed outloud at how clever and funny it actually was. I mean look at poor Mr. Bellie Buttons. His arm reattached by wads of Scotch tape.

But then again, do you think Sid does these kind of things because Dr. Lizzie does this to him? Hmmm.....I just wonder.

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