Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheering for the linebacker.
She's my little cheerleader. He's my linebacker. I watch her cheer and him run and tackle. On a side note, we showed up almost 30 minutes late because my linebacker seems to have trouble remembering what time the coach exactly told him to be there.

He's right there...the one wearing the #12 jersey getting directions from his coach. I hope he listens this time (you know because did I mention we showed up 30 minutes late??)

She's working it out. Love the cheer she was doing. It's one of my favorites..."C'mon Vikings put your hands up, hands up!!" C'mon Vikings let's go"

I love this little girl.

And, I love the linebacker too! Even though he has no concept of time.

Sometimes when I look at him, all I can see is my baby. Not this rough and tough little boy out on a big field playing football. But, I am so very proud of my cheerleader and my linebacker.

And, keep checking back soon, because I can't wait to blog about Jessica & Bob's wedding!! Such a beautiful couple. Such a beautiful day!!

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