Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall & Sid. (and I literally mean fall)
See my lovely fall picture below?? It is lovely isn't it? That is what I thought as I was bending way down low to capture fall's splendor....before I knew what hit me I was knocked off my feet and flying, elbows and knees hitting pavement and trying to save my camera from smashing off the ground.

See the picture below....this is what knocked the life out of me and laid me flat on my face. This is what I seen when I finally realized what had happened and looked up to see him running full speed, all 71 pounds of his happy self, up and down the driveway.

And, this is what he looked like after his little burst of engery that lasted about 10 minues worth. He finally tired himself out. Need water Sid?? Can your tongue get any longer??

I love him. He really is a good dog. Really?? (Did I really just type "good dog") Yes, really. If you minus the chewing of everything that is not bolted down, the god awful smells he expels from his pretty self, the slobbering of water everywhere, the massive amounts of dog hair he leaves all over my floor and furniture, loud snoring, knocking me flat on my a$$, never listening to any command I say to him, etc. Then yes, he really is a good dog.

And, that is him on this lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying the comforts of a new bed.

Because a "good" dog deserves a new comfy bed to lay on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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