Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The "fake" beach.
First, just let me clarify, Raystown Lake will never compare to the beach in my book. But, to my kids....this is the "beach". It is where we spent our Fourth of July holiday. If you look really closely, you can find things that would resemble certain beach scenes. Like this little patch of grass growing up through the sand. Wait....let me clarify sand at Lake Raystown. It is more like.....hmmmm.....how should I put this? More like....MUD!

You can also occasionally find what might resemble a seashell. But, where do seashells come from when it is a man made lake?

Lots and lots of beach toys to play in the mud....I mean sand!

Of course, some sand castle building along the way. Some waves, occasionally, when the really "big" boats drive by. AJ, my nephew, absolutely loved the water and the mud...I mean sand again! You know me....some feet shots!

The gang.

The whole gang burrying my other nephew, Trent, in the mud....ooops...I mean sand again!! And, it was not just me who is kind of grossed out by the mud, my sister was really grossed out that her son was being burried in the mud. She wouldn't even look that way - I had to text message her a picture to show what they were up too!!
More playing.
Coy loves the water as well.
He will hang around on the shoreline forever and just build and dig all these tunnels.
This little one likes the shoreline as well.

It is kind of nice all the "beachy" kind of finds. But, I am holding out for the real "beach vacation". I am sure once they play in "real sand" they will never want to go back to this mud!!!

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