Thursday, January 20, 2011

1 minute 30 seconds.
My nephew. Cute, eh?

A whole whooping 43 pounds of him. I mean just look...who would think such a cutie could be so fierce. Poor skinny little thing.
Take a look again....all sweet and innocent. Out there jump roping, warming up for his big wrestling match. I watching with a nervous stomach not really wanting to see this little one get all smushed up on a big mat.

I was hoping and preparing to get some really awesome pictures. You know some really good candids of this li'l guy wrestling and sweating all over that mat. Watching the skinny little 43 pound kid get his face all smashed against the mat putting up a fight to the very end. Uh, not so much. I blinked and before I even had a chance to get the camera up to my eye....PINNED. Pinned his opponent in less than 30 seconds flat!!!! My sister yelling "Go Georgie get'em"! "Yes" she says, "It's over he won." "What?" I say and give her a confused dumbfounded what just happened? "He's finished? It's over?" I ask. "Yup" she says. "He's done he won." But it only lasted 30 seconds.

"Okay" I think to myself. I will get some really good ones of my other nephew when he comes out and wrestles. So I wait for another 9 wrestlers wrestle before him.
Look, here he comes...out to meet his opponent.

So, I do get some of his face.
And then, I made the mistake again and blinked. PINNED. Pinned his opponent in less than a minute. WOW! Can I just say I am impressed.

Lesson learned: Never, ever underestimate the skinny li'l guys. And, don't blink during the match. You boys are some tough cookies!!! And I am one proud auntie! Congrats to you both. You are AWESOME.

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