Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunting.
Okay....I downloaded these in no particular order. So here it goes - this year's monsters consisting of my four nephews, my niece and my two.

Up first...Haden. He was some kind of wrestler/zombie??

This one I claim as mine. He was a crazed graduate. He kept telling everyone that he was a graduate from Pitt University.

And, this is Georgie. I have no clue what he is suppose to be either. But whatever he is I think it is pretty cool looking.

This is Trent. Once again, I haven't a clue.

This is Alex. I know exactly what he is.

Lizzie was a black cat and Riley was a Princess Bride.

The dreaded "group" picture. What a scary looking bunch, hu?

Brrr....going for the loot. It was really chilly and the wind was a howling.

Give me all your candy, please!!

These are not my pumpkins. Just some lady down the block who always has the most amazing carved pumpkins. I just love them. Kind of sums up the whole spooky Halloween season.

Now that it is over - my kids are on to the next big holiday and asking about Christmas already...YIKES!

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