Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday's thoughts.

I still remember the day this sock monkey was given to me - I don't remember exactly how old I was but I remember being in my grandmother's kitchen and my grandma's best friend knocking at the door and giving these to my twin sister and I. We were so afraid of it. She scared us with her big lips and earings.

What is funny is that my mother put these in our bedroom on the dresser and for years my sister and I were so afraid to go to sleep at night because of this scary, ugly sock monkey starring down at us at night. We use to talk to each other and say "just close you eyes and you won't see it".

So when my mom found these in the attic and gave them back to my sister and I all we could do was laugh and reminsce about how deathly afraid we were of this sock monkey and how traumatized our nights were to go to bed everynight.

I mean just look at her - have you ever seen a sock monkey with earrings dressed in a pink dress? And, those big red lips...yikes!

Once again, she now sits on my shelf in my bedroom and although I am not scared of her anymore... I still think she is pretty ugly. But the best part is, everytime I look at her she brings back such great memories, okay maybe not so great ones.

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