Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just because.
Posting these of Sid just because I have not posted any in a while. He is getting so big and he really does keep us well entertained.

The only way she really is able to walk him this nicely is because of a special leash that keeps him from pulling - it really does work very well! It was one of the recommendations from the instructor at obdience class and well worth the money spent for it!

He was taken a well deserved break from all the action of being hosed down and trying to steer clear of the kids still armed with running water.

Uh, is this normal? Being nosey underneath the doorway when I shut him out of the room.

Drinking from a leaky hose down at camp.

Begging to come in the front door ~ how can you not resist those puppy eyes?

He really is a good li'l pupster ~ minus the chewing. Did I mention he chews??

But, I think I will save that topic for another post because it could possibly be a very long one!

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