Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A sneek peek and the making of a Gingerbread house.
This has been such a busy time of year for me and trying to get everything accomplished there just is not enough time in a day!

But...here is a sneak peek for my sister and her litter of reindeer, all five of them! LOL! Except for the group picture - the oldest one was down with the flu.

And, Lizzie and I made a Gingerbread house this past Sunday. It was my first time ever making a Gingerbread house, and I must admit that it looks nothing like the box!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the festivities this month and stay warm and dry I hear a big winter ice storm is coming our way!!

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  1. Rachel, I enjoy your photography and reading your blog. I'm glad you're back to share your Christmas activities! Deb