Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cheerleading camp.
Two weekends ago, Lizzie had cheerleading camp for the first time. Coy scared her when he told her that she was going to get hurt because they are going to throw her in the air and drop her. And, I had to tell her that "no" they are not going to throw you in the air. But, she was the littlest and so she got to be what they called a "flyer" (good name, hu?) It was so cute to watch all these little ones learn how to hoist each other up and work as a team together.

And, while out playing baseball last night - look at this ugly creature we came across on our deck.

My girl playing baseball.

And, yes, my kid is weird. Instead of wearing a normal baseball hat he has to wear another fuzzy thing that he got at the circus on top. Don't ask, cuz I don't wanna know. And, that is ketchup on his chin from super.

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