Monday, April 9, 2012

Lensbaby blur.
Somedays are just better lived in the blur...

“She fell asleep, and it was a sleep as thin as the night clouds, dotted with dreams that came and went like the stars.” ~Lois Lowry

Actually, its just a special lens that I borrowed from a dear can check out her beautiful work and website here...

It's called a Lensbaby. And, that is my daughter below trying it out...because it really is a lot of fun.

We were using the macro attachment to get the "up close"look of her colored pencils. Kind of just gives you that fun "artistic" blur. Which, I happen to personally like, a lot!

It's not a lens you would really use all the time, but, if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas early this year....{hint, hint} I am just saying it outloud!!! Just kidding...sort of!!

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