Monday, April 18, 2011

The Purple Patch. Every year around this time, there is this little place along side the road that has the most awesome patch of purple flowers. It is not the biggest patch, and if you blink, or drive by way too fast you will most definitely miss it. It's kind of a secret. Hidden way back off the road a little ways. I stumbled across it a few years ago, while driving by with Lizzie. We pulled over along side the road to check it out. I also happened to have my camera with me (I know your suprised that I had my camera with me) and I put Lizzie in the patch which she also happend to have her purple rainboots on. And, to this day, it happens to be one of my most favorite pictures ever. That is until today. Because today, I have some new favorites of my little girl in the purple patch. Because driving by today, I noticed the purple flowers returned! I pushed the gas pedal down a little harder to rush home and get my little girl. I had to race against time because daylight was fading very fast. And, since rain is predicted the next few days...I had to get there before it would be all muddy and they died off. Because, sadly, we missed the purple patch last year.

But not this year. Nope! No way! We didn't miss the purple patch this year!

And, this is one of my most favorite memories. More memorable than Halloween or birthdays. Just something we share together. Going to the secret, hidden purple patch. Just her and I.

Then, abruptly, our visit was cut way too short because this little girl had to use the facilities, and once again, I found my self pushing down on the gas pedal.

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