Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Decorating.
This year, my goal was to be as simple and stress free as possible. Which actually included not putting a tree up at all. I know call me a Scrooge, call me the Grinch. But, I actually thought that I could get away with it.

I was guilt stricken by a seven and nine year old who were totally traumatized that there might not actually be a tree this year and that Santa would actually have no place to leave all the gifts. I found this one night after the kids went to bed. Lizzie decided to decorate the silver 25" tree that I said was going to be our only tree this year with colorful head ribbons. I actually thought she did a pretty good job.

Then I tripped over the note she had written along with the blanket spread out for Santa to actually leave the gifts on. I really was going to eventually get the tree out. I was just stalling as long as a could and hoping they would not really care. Since I am usually the only one left to decorate it because everyone disappears and never wants to help.

So, today I dragged down all the boxes from the attic (by myself). Christmas decorations seem to stress me. Why you ask....when you take your time every year putting the stuff all together back in the boxes wrapped up and lights perfectly untangled. How does this happen?

My little helper (who I promised Santa would bring an extra gift just for her for helping me so much) and my mess of boxes.

And, another helper who only hung about six ornaments before moving on to better things. Which left me to do it by myself once again.

Liz hamming it up for the camera.

The stockings were hung with care (and you can see that the tree was only half lit because I could not get them to work for about two hours causing my stress levels to rise some more).

And, the final reveal. The finished project. The "real" Christmas tree. Rest assured the Plowman's will have Christmas afterall because there is now a tree for Santa to leave presents under.

Now, only wrapping left to do.

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