Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cottage No. 12 ~ Drummer Boy Campground.
This past weekend we packed up and rented a cottage at Drummer Boy Campground in Gettysburg. We were given Cottage No. 12 located a short distance walk to the pool - and we needed the pool considering it was over 100 degrees! I am also thankful for Cottage No. 12 for having air condition!!

Oh yeah, and flat screen cable TV.

And, a crazy door handle that drove me absolutely crazy just after five minutes of being there.

And, really cool bunks!

Unloading of firewood - although no fire was actually needed because it was just way too darn hot to sit outside.

The campground had really nice features including an outdoor mini theatre - were we started to watch the Griswald's Christmas Vacation - since the theme for the weekend was Christmas in July.

My monkies swinging in the playground.

Hanging out together. And climbing really big rocks right behind the cabin.

And, then we all went back inside the air condition cottage for some relief.

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